2011-2012 GK12 Archive

“I’m a Scientist/Mathematician” Lessons

Megan Peck: “I’m a Computer Scientist” lesson for Monday, Aug. 29th.  My main goals are to expand their view of computers (not just the box/laptop on the desk), explore what kinds of jobs a computer scientist might have, and let them explore what is involved in language design.  Slides, Lesson Notes

Emily Mangus: “I’m an Engineer” lesson for Friday, Sept. 16th.  My main goals are to help students establish an understanding of what engineering is, how engineering and science are related, and that there are a lot of different engineering careers including mine, Tissue Engineering.

Mark Calnon: “I’m a Computer Scientist” lesson for Friday, September 2nd. My main goals are to help students understand the differences between how humans and robot perform tasks, the types of tasks that are difficult for robots to perform, and how these tasks might be communicated to a robot. Slides

Andrew Farmer: “I’m a Computer Scientist” lesson for Thursday, September 1st. Introduce students to the notion of what a Computer Scientist does and specifically why we need programming languages. Have students define a formal language to build Lego structures.

Sarah Bodbyl Roels: “I am a scientist” lesson for Thursday, September 15. My main objectives are for my students to understand scientific inquiry through testable hypotheses and inferential thinking, explore tools commonly used in life science, and demonstrate that science is FUN and obtainable.

Blair Benson: “I am a Scientist Lesson Plan Format” Date TBA, but hopefully Thursday, September 22nd. My main objective is to introduce students to the many different subdisciplines of geology and then have them complete a fun lab that answers questions that geologists do. At the end, I will tie it all in to what I do and how geologists work together to solve problems.

Problem Based Lessons

Megan Peck: Design a Mythbusters Experiment. Sept. 26, 2011, Let them design an experiment to answer the question “Do you get wetter if you walk or run in the rain?”

Andrew Farmer: Graph Coloring. November 10, 2011. Introduce the map/graph coloring problem with a bit of history about the four color theorem and some simple examples. Have them color a map of the US to practice thinking about the problem. Abstract the problem to planar graphs and practice making conjectures and finding counter-examples to disprove a conjecture. Individual Worksheet, Group Worksheet, Slides.

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