Snails, clams, and suitability…oh my!

Hello everyone: I am a new GK-12er in the Department of Geology and Biodiversity Institute. To introduce myself, I will give you the “and, but, and therefore” of my research program. What do I mean by the “and, but, and therefore”? We learned that crafting your story – even a scientific story – using this simple structure will generate interest in your material and promote understanding. You can easily create your own story via the StoryMaker App available on iTunes! Here goes mine…

“The world’s climate is rapidly changing, and humans are accelerating this change at an unprecedented rate, but we don’t understand how these changes will impact life on Earth, therefore I study both fossil and modern snails and clams to disentangle these effects and preserve our food and medicinal resources.”

I look forward to blogging about my GK12 experience in the Kansas City school system in the following months.

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1 Response to Snails, clams, and suitability…oh my!

  1. Robert C Everhart says:

    Your and,but,therefore statement has me wondering what snails and clams have to do with climate change. I like that the statement generates an immediate question. It makes me want to click on a little button that says “would you like to know more?”

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