“Disciplining” troubled/highly stressed adolescents

I came across this article today, and thought back to many of our GK-12 discussions.

WA high school tries new approach to student discipline — expulsions drop 85%. By Jane Stevens

It’s impossible to address learning in students who are extremely stressed by their home lives, and are more concerned with life and death matters than their school work, etc.  And the way these students are normally disciplined when they act out or explode has obviously not been effective (except at feeding the problems and making them worse!).

Thought I’d pass this on in case you hadn’t seen it.  Hope the semester is going well for everyone still in the classroom.  It’s certainly been a change to be back teaching undergraduate and graduate students this semester instead of 6th graders!

About Megan Peck

PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Kansas. Formerly a fellow in the NSF GK-12 program through KU.
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