Water Quality with 8th Grade Leaders

Well, some of you may recall the near mutiny from our last round of water quality testing.  We were set up for it again… chilly weather, forecast for rain, a plan to be outside…

This time around was an interesting twist.  The 6th graders from Mr. Gilmore’s science class at Eisenhower Middle School were the ones doing the testing.  Mr. Gilmore had Kate Delehunt from the Blue River Watershed Association (and volunteers that she had rounded up from General Motors and US EPA Region 7) run the same T.R.U.E. Blue water quality monitoring series that she ran for Mrs. Loeffler’s class.   The twist was that this time a group of 8th graders from Mrs. Loeffler’s earth science class were team leaders for the 6th grade students.  The 8th graders helped to explain and demonstrate the techniques and equipment, while the adult volunteers and teachers added information and oversight.

In preparation for this effort, the same group of 8th graders filmed a series of videos for BRWA to use as video training manuals for future student groups.  Mrs. Loeffler is busy editing the video in her spare time, and we hope to have a first draft to look at sometime soon.

Overall, both the 8th graders and the 6th graders were engaged in the testing.  Unfortunately, we had to bring the water samples to the students due to logistical issues and dicey weather.  Still, there are some visible trends in the data (i.e., water temperature approaches air temperature as day goes on) that could lead to potentially informative discussions.  The data discussions are slated for later this month.


About Robert C Everhart

GK-12 Fellow University of Kansas
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