New Table

So a while back, my mentor teacher had a great idea for a new table in the classroom.  Using shower panels, he constructed a whiteboard table.  This new item has been extremely useful and distracting at the same time.  While the table allows the students to be engaged in the topic at hand, it also is a great doodling surface.  I have found that at any given time, half of the students are working and the other half are drawing and writing notes.  Even so, I feel this table can be a great tool in the classroom.



About Branden

As a GK-12 Fellow, I meet with a group of middle school students at Rosedale Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas. There I talk to them about what a mathematician does and teach them ways of thinking about problems. I am a student of Craig Huneke at the University of Kansas. As a far as my research is concerned, I am currently studying the theory of maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules. In particular, I am interested in determining if countable Cohen-Macaulay type implies finite Cohen-Macaulay type over a complete local Cohen-Macaulay ring with an isolated singularity. I also enjoy working with Macaulay2 .
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