Photos from previous lessons

I spent a rather truncated day at Central Middle last Thursday because of not feeling well. My students continued learning about Newton’s 3 laws of motion with a fun activity emulating a waiter whisking a tablecloth out from underneath a fully set table without disturbing the contents. Since I was only present for one of my three 90 minute class periods, I don’t really have any astute observations to report! So, instead, I’ve decided to post some pictures from my two lessons this past semester.

I Am A Scientist:

Photo 1: Here I am explaining how to stuff a bird (for museum prep.) to the fascinated students.

Photo 2: These guys were really fascinated with the Northern Oriole that I brought in.

Problem-based Inquiry:

Photo 3: After creating a “periodic table of Legos”, each team had to draw the arrangement and define the rules they used to organize the pieces.

Photo 4: Making a poster is always their favorite activity.

Thanks to Ms. Reno for the photos!

Update: In case anyone is interested, I found an interesting article on “flipped classrooms“. What do you think?


About Sarah Roels

I'm a former Ph.D. student at the University of Kansas in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department. I study mating system evolution in plants, using the model system Mimulus. I now work at Michigan State University as their GK-12 project manager.
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