So I’m playing catch-up from the end of the semester before break ended… 🙂

I have a funny story to tell, or at least it was funny to me. The day before break began we basically just spent time with the students, because the goal was to just “do whatever it takes to occupy the students and keep them from getting in trouble today.” So what did we do? Color. That’s right. Those kids love to color. I brought in candy canes for all of the kids, and told them whoever had the best drawing at each table would get a big candy cane, everyone else just received a small one. It was pretty fun, because the kids talked to me more and I got to engage a little bit more with some of them.

At the middle of the last period, all of a sudden an announcement comes up that all students have to go get their backpacks and we had to take them down to the gymnasium. Ralph and I were confused about why, but when we got down there they had literally every student packed in the gym. They then shut all the doors except for one that led straight outside, and several teachers lined up and barricaded the hallways outside that doors so no student could get back into the school. When the bell rang it was like herding a bunch of cows out. I was like what is going on? And another teacher told me it was so no kids ran around pulling fire alarms which happened before. I was laughing so hard. And then once every kid was out, I have never head such whooping and hollering for joy. Oohhh the joys of teaching 🙂

The best part of the day was getting to talk with some of the kids while they were in the gym. This one guy who never really talks was opening up to me, made me happy to see a sweeter side to him. I realize this wasn’t a very “educational” day or post, but I think it’s good to have positive interactions with the kids every once in a while too.


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I am in my second year as a PhD student at the University of Kansas. My degree is in geophysics with a focus on near-surface geoarcheology applications.
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One Response to Catch-up…

  1. Sarah Roels says:

    I wish I had more time to get to know my kids, but the checkpoint scheduling just makes everything too tight for ‘free time!’

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