Yo Girl come help me out

I realize it’s been past due from my last post… my apologies! My last few visits to Rosedale I have been making more of an effort to get to know the students a little more on a personal level. One of the disciplinary actions that Mr. Ziegler takes when the kids are just non stop talking or interrupting is to send them to sit on the other side of the classroom by themselves and do their work on their own. Which ends up being that every student that goes and sits over there doesn’t take the initiative to do their work and they get zeroes. So I’ve decided to take advantage of this opportunity and go over and work with the students more one on one.

The first time I did this, I was working with a kid who has the most severe case of ADD I have ever seen. He is literally unable to finish his work without constant attention on him to keep motivating him to do it, he just zones out completely and goes off on another tangent. I sat with him and just said over and over again “Hey, look at me and focus.” And we made it through the lesson together which was really nice. He seemed to appreciate it and was opening up to me some. But I’m only there once a week. What happens the other 4 days of the week when I’m not there and he’s in a class with 35 other students?

Most of the other students I end up talking to are the troublemakers of the class. But I had quite an interesting conversation with one of them. He yelled at me as I walked by “Hey girl, come help me out.” I immediately stopped, looked at him, and said “What did you call me?” He goes “uuhhh I mean miss.. miss what’s your name?” I told him Ms. Benson, and I would appreciate you calling me that the rest of the year. He went “Jeez, why you got such attitude?” I couldn’t help but laugh at this one, and just responded “Oh, am I giving you attitude? I’m just speaking to you the same way you are speaking to me.” He looked at me for about ten seconds and goes “Oh.” Then the rest of the class used please’s and thank you’s. How interesting.

Mr. Ziegler and I have been talking about what I want to do for my problem based lesson. I am going to do it over velocity and acceleration, which are two new terms they will be learning soon. My original idea was to present them with the information and what materials were available and ask them to create their own lab, but after watching the classes these past two weeks, I don’t honestly feel that these students can do that. With the short amount of time (only 40 min) and the large number of students in each class, they will just take advantage of it and goof off. So I’m trying to come up with some other ideas to approach them with. Maybe a lab to measure the velocity and acceleration of dropping different objects, and then have them give small class presentations on their results. We shall see.

Till next time folks…


About benson3

I am in my second year as a PhD student at the University of Kansas. My degree is in geophysics with a focus on near-surface geoarcheology applications.
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  1. Sarah Roels says:

    This post definitely gets the Best Title award. How you can help but read it?

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