On to the next phase

We finished the first part of our year long project, “Where does a mathematician work”, on Monday.  The final product for this part was a 2-3 minute presentation on a math intensive career.  The students did a good job stating the salary, work hours, and other trivialities of the career, but faltered slightly on more relevant information such as job responsibilities.  This may be due to the fact that for any given career, such as nuclear engineer, the responsibilities can vary a great deal.  Overall I was satisfied with the results and am excited to move on to the math intensive portion of this project.

Each group will now have the chance to explore the type of math, e.g. probability, calculus, graph theory, used at the job.  I think in the future if I do this project again I would first start with the math first.  Then if a student is interested in say probability theory I could direct them to a careers in the NSA or Wall Street.

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