Science Fair Questions…. or maybe not

Well, we were supposed to spend today helping the students start picking their science fair project questions. I’m realizing just how complicated it is to manage the curriculum/success of so many varied students. The students were all at significantly different stages of previous work that should have been completed by now. So, the students that caught up continued on and I was able to talk to them about science fair projects for maybe 15 minutes. Others are still 2 class periods behind even after spending today working. And the further behind they get, the less interested in finishing their work they become.

We still have quite awhile before the science fair, so there’s not a huge rush. But, those students who are behind are becoming bored, zoning out and are totally unengaged in their learning, let alone the material. I’m afraid they aren’t going to have as much time to really get into the inquiry and exploration of a good science fair project that could possibly get them more into science and more responsible for their own learning. But, a few students were on the right track for coming up with an answerable question in an area of interest for them. Hopefully my fears are put to rest next week.


About Megan Peck

PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Kansas. Formerly a fellow in the NSF GK-12 program through KU.
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