Ms. Emily: Nerds and Space Art

Although I still do not know all the names of the kids (I’m working on it), I already know a lot about them and overall, they are really good and sweet kids.  They are always making me laugh and a conversation I had on Friday about made me fall over with laughter.

Student: (to me) “Are you new?”

Me: (smiling and in a joking tone) “Where’ve you been man?  I’m here every Friday. Weren’t you here for the engineering lesson?”

Student: “Oh yeah, but we had a different teacher that day…kinda nerdy.”

He didn’t by any means say it in a derogatory sense, so I was quite proud of that.  There are a couple different definitions of nerd: one relating to appearance and one relating to knowledge of information (and I like to think he was referring to me as the latter, which isn’t such a bad thing).

Appearance and information played a very important role on Friday, as the students were finishing up their space projects. One thing I noticed was the students seemed much more concerned about the way their posters looked rather than the information on them.  Certainly, appearance and layout is important, but they are only important once the information is there.  And I tried and tried to emphasize this.  In addition, I tried to emphasize the quality of information as some of the students were providing information that didn’t make a lot of sense.  One student was describing what you would need to take a trip to Venus and she mentioned you would need to bring water.  I asked her if she thought that would be possible given the temperatures on her planet.

Student: “Nothing is impossible.”

I suppose I can’t argue with that.


About Emily Beck

I am a PhD student in Bioengineering at the University of Kansas and I am studying Tissue Engineering. I am interested in using nanoparticles and natural materials to create scaffolds that can assist in tissue regeneration/repair.
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