Just Like College Students

This week we continued our where does a mathematician work project.  It was decided that they would require one more week than anticipated partially due to the fact that half the class still needed to finish their Checkpoints.  Ms. Sharma informed me that the checkpoints are mandatory tests given to the students bi-quarterly to assess their understanding.  Wouldn’t the teacher vs the state do a better job gauging this?

When the students do have a chance to work on the project they cannot focus independently.  They will stare at a webpage for a long time without actually reading anything on it…just staring.  Then I walk by and all the sudden, viola, they are reading, asking questions, and writing things down.  I remember encountering this exact situation in a different learning environment; the college classroom.

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One Response to Just Like College Students

  1. William says:

    I remember being on the other side of this situation, minus the computers.

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