My favorite quote: She is so mean! (When I let them know we are now working on the back of the worksheet, not the front)

So after my past two trips to Rosedale Middle School, I am almost left with no words to express what I think but don’t worry… lots of stories to tell. I made a point of going last week when they were taking their checkpoint tests because I wanted to see what it was like. First off, a statistic: out of 159 students, only 14 passed with a 70 percent or better. They have to take these tests online, and it’s amazing that they pull it off seeing as how the number of available computers is small. Mr. Ziegler had the students all go downstairs to the computer lab, and out of 20 something computers there, only maybe 10-12 actually worked. Seeing as how most of his classes are around 30 people, this clearly didn’t work. So they had to check out laptops (up to 20 of them) and make that work. The best part was how there is a particular way that you have to log onto the computers to make them work, but there was no IT person available to help, so by 2nd period I had figured it out thank goodness. Watching the students reaction to the test was certainly interesting. They could not care less. Some of them took 5 minutes, some of them took an hour. But the 6th period class, there were some students who weren’t even halfway through and once you told them it was lunch time, they magically were done. Wow.

Today I helped out why they learned about potential and kinetic energy. It was almost hopeless. They have zero attention span. During 7th period, one student (who is an infamous troublemaker) came in late. So he had to go get a tardy pass. Comes back and is almost bragging that heyy I’m suspended. He and another girl had to sit by themselves away from the class because they weren’t paying attention and this boy starts calling her a douchebag. After about the 6th time he said it (it was away from Mr. Ziegler so he couldn’t hear it but I could) I lost my cool. I walked over and told him I didn’t want to hear another word out of his mouth for the rest of the period and then Mr. Ziegler sent him to the counselors office with some form. Five minutes later he came back because the counselor was tired of dealing with him, and so he was sent to another counselor. Basically, no one wants to deal with this kid. Normally I would be upset at this fact, but after only 10 minutes of dealing with the kid…I certainly didn’t want to deal with either.

I’m almost dreading teaching my lesson this coming Tuesday… can’t wait to see how these kids treat me. OH, and so far I’ve seen piercings in their lips, ears, and today eyebrow. Why the dress code if they can still put holes all over their face? And in one of my first classes, one of the students was walking around showing everyone the new “gang” handshake. That one hit me hard.


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I am in my second year as a PhD student at the University of Kansas. My degree is in geophysics with a focus on near-surface geoarcheology applications.
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  1. timdorn says:

    I was asked what my favorite Nicki Minaj song was. Good thing my wife is a lover of dance hits. Of course its Superbass…boom, ba boom boom, boom, ba boom boom!!

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