This week was the beginning of my rotations with the students. In my classroom, there are two instructors and myself. We have decided to slit each class (three classes total) in to thirds and then each of us takes a third of the class. Then every twenty minutes we rotate the students; allowing us to interact with all the students in the class during the 1.5 hour class.

During my twenty minutes I introduced the students to the Euler characteristic for a polyhedra in a plane. This was done via the Game of Criss-Cross found in the Circle in a Box put out by the MSRI. My goal is to progress this idea for the next few weeks.


About Branden

As a GK-12 Fellow, I meet with a group of middle school students at Rosedale Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas. There I talk to them about what a mathematician does and teach them ways of thinking about problems. I am a student of Craig Huneke at the University of Kansas. As a far as my research is concerned, I am currently studying the theory of maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules. In particular, I am interested in determining if countable Cohen-Macaulay type implies finite Cohen-Macaulay type over a complete local Cohen-Macaulay ring with an isolated singularity. I also enjoy working with Macaulay2 .
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