The First Project

Today we began our first project with the math students at Eisenhower Middle School.  The students were to choose a mathematics intensive career and explore the career choice.  Ultimately the goal will be to introduce the students to some higher level mathematical concepts used in these type of jobs.  Throughout the year the students will be able to share their work on a website designed last year by Ms. Sharma’s previous GK-12 Fellow, Branden Stone.  You can take a look here:

I learned two things today about the students.  First that open ended questions are tend to get looked over when there are also questions with definitive answers.  Two of the questions they were asked to explore about the career where, “What is the salary” and “What are the tools they use”.  Almost no one explored the later question, while the first one was easy; just google “_____ job salary”.  Secondly, that they really have no clue about the use of mathematics outside the classroom.  Hopefully my time at Eisenhower will address both of these issues.

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