My First Day Back At Middle School

My name is Tim Dorn and I am a GK-12 Fellow at KU.  Part of my job is to be the mathematics “guru” at Eisenhower Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas.  I have been partnered with Ms. Sharma a mathematics teacher teaching 3 sections of eighth graders and 2 sections of sixth graders.  Each section is 50 minutes long, which really only translates to about 35-40 minutes since discipline, office, and tardiness issues are a common disturbance.

Now, I’m not new to the middle school scene, but it has been a while.  Some things, like the smell of cafeteria food bring back fond memories, but others such as a passing through metal detectors upon entering are kind of intimidating.  There is also a dress code and the children have only 4 minutes to move from one classroom to the next between bells.  That’s barely enough time to use the bathroom!

On my first day I introduced myself to the class and observed.  All in all I found the students respectful and courteous; no doubt due in part to Ms. Sharma.  I am looking forward to returning each Monday (except on snow days!).

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