Ms. Peck at Central

Yes, even after last year, it’s still hard introducing myself as Ms. Peck.  At least if I start saying Megan, I can morph that into Ms. if I think fast enough.

I’m at Central Middle School in Lawrence this year, in a 6th grade life science class.  6th graders are definitely a change from the 8th graders I was with last year, partly because they’re still getting used to being in a Middle School.  They’re a lot quieter than I expected.  It might be a little more challenging to draw responses out of them.  But I am optimistic about working with them this semester.

Last week they set up their science journals and did a “science” experiment that encouraged using your senses to observe the world.  There was an object inside a sock, and they had to guess what it is based on how it felt, sounded, etc.  I definitely feel the quotes around “science” are necessary, because while it is important to encourage more thorough observation, it maybe paints a inaccurate picture of what science is.  Still, it was a good week to get to see what the students are like, and I’m looking forward to getting ready to start their science fair projects soon.

I will present my lesson on Monday.  I’m finally happy with my lesson plan, but need to do some work on making sure the time-constraints will work, and that I have a good game plan for drawing out responses and involvement if they’re a little timid.  Looking forward to it!


About Megan Peck

PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Kansas. Formerly a fellow in the NSF GK-12 program through KU.
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